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Roman Abramovich at the European Court

Hello,  Today Roman Abramovich, we have an interesting story about a special court called the European Court of Justice (ECJ). They are going to make a decision about a person named Roman Abramovich and whether he should be on a list of rules made by the European Union.

Who is Roman Abramovich?

Imagine meeting someone very rich and important, like a king or queen. Well, Roman Abramovich is a billionaire, which means he has a lot of money. He used to own a famous soccer team called Chelsea.

Roman Abramovich The Sanctions List

Have you ever heard about rules that people need to follow? The European Union made a list of rules called sanctions after something not good happened in a place called Ukraine. Roman Abramovich is on that list along with other important people from Russia.

Roman Abramovich at the European Court

Roman Abramovich : Why Was Abramovich on the List?

Imagine playing with your friends, and one friend is not being fair. The European Union said Abramovich has close ties with a leader named Vladimir Putin and benefited from decisions that were not very nice. They think he helped the Russian government, and that’s why he is on the list.

Roman Abramovich Argument

He took the case to the European Court and told them there was a big mistake. He thinks his rights were not respected, and he wants to be taken off the list.

What the European Union Said

Picture your teacher telling everyone to follow the class rules. The European Union said Abramovich had close ties with important people in Russia and helped them do things that were not good. They believe he should stay on the list.

Travel Restrictions and Asset Freezes

Imagine if your parents told you, “No more playing outside!” That’s a bit like what happens to people on the sanctions list. They cannot travel freely, and their money might be frozen. Almost 1,800 people and companies are on this list.

Abramovich’s Big Request

Abramovich asked the European Union to give him €1 million (that’s a lot of money!) for a foundation that helps people affected by conflicts. He wants to do something good with the money.

The Decision Day

European Court will decide if Abramovich should stay on the list or not.

Fundamental Rights and Unjustified Interference

Sometimes, grown-ups use big words like “fundamental rights.” It means basic things that everyone should have. Abramovich says being on the list is not fair and interferes with his rights. The court will think about these important ideas.

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