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The Stone Giant Tiny: 5 Epic Ways to Block Him Out

The Stone Giant Tiny might be too big for comfort when he rolls into battle. His Avalanche-Toss combo has been making a lot of trouble for a long time. We’re going to tell you the five best ways to stop his rock-solid attack.

The Stone Giant Tiny: Necrophos: The Cradle of Death

If Tiny thinks he can’t be hurt, show him Necrophos and his Reaper’s Scythe. This hero can do a lot of damage over time, and Tiny might feel bad about going into that neighbourhood. Necrophos can even slow down the time it takes for him to return, which gives your team a much-needed edge.

The Stone Giant Tiny: Enchantress:

Nature’s Wrath is about the beautiful fairy of the forest Enchantress, who can turn things against Tiny. Her wild skills and long-range attacks can hurt Tiny’s health and make him think about the choices he’s made in his life. She can also use her enchantment skill to control harmless creeps and turn them against the Stone Giant.

The Stone Giant Tiny: Killer of Life: Enjoy the Chaos

He doesn’t just take lives; he also takes Tiny’s hopes and dreams. Lifestealer can take Tiny’s attacks and use them as a chance to launch a tasty counterattack because he can eat away at his enemies’ health. Cause confusion with Lifestealer and watch Tiny fall apart.

Undying: Death and Victory

Undying isn’t just a powerful zombie; he’s also a direct threat to Tiny’s huge life pool. Undying’s Decay ability can weaken Tiny, making him easier for the rest of your team to control. When you combine that with Tombstone, you have a powerful way to defeat the Stone Giant.

Phoenix: Get Up from the Ashes

Phoenix comes back from the dead when Tiny throws rocks at it. When this burning bird divebombs into battle, it does damage and causes chaos. Phoenix can make Tiny think twice before fighting with its Supernova power. The fiery show could change the game and give your team the edge.

Advice on How to Stop the Avalanche

Aside from these heroes, here are some general ways to keep Tiny away:

It’s possible for these tiny drops to soak up some of Tiny’s initial burst damage, giving your team a break.

Hats with Fluffy Fluff: A fluffy hat can be very useful. It gives you early health boosts and can be changed into a Force Staff to help you save friends from Tiny.

Keep yourself healthy: Adding more health things can make a big difference. A strong hero who is healthy can handle Tiny’s attacks.

Tiny may be a big rock on the battlefield, but you can turn the tables on him and send him back to the drawing board with the right heroes and plans. Try these AGENGACOR counters out, stay healthy. Also, show Dota 2 Stone Giant that your team is not to be taken lightly.

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